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Where can I find Monty's Batch No. 1?  
Please see our Find Us! page for information on where you can find Monty's.  Please Note:  EVERY Restaurant/Pub listed is highly recommended.
What are the ingredients?
Monty's uses locally sourced products when available.  We do not add any sodium, sugar or preservatives 
Ingredient list:
vinegar, bell peppers, assorted chile peppers (Ghost, Jalapeno, Habanero) onion, tomatoes, garlic, lime, spices
Does Monty's require refrigeration?  
While we do recommend keeping open bottles in the fridge, Refrigeration is not needed. 
Why do we recommend refrigeration?
Color.  It's all about the look.  Monty's is crafted with only fresh, natural ingredients - there are no Additives.  By keeping Monty's in the Fridge, you will maintain the color of Batch No.1.  The  great flavor does not change in either case..
How do I place an order?

Payment and Shipping


​Payments are possible via Square, PayPal and many other sources,.​  We determine shipping based on the package size and destination, striving to get you the lowest possible rate.  Please note:  Shipping costs are estimates - Once shipped, If you are a registered member and shipping is lower than the Charge, Monty's will issue you a credit for use on future purchases.

Secure Ordering & Payment Options

Orders are fulfilled in 1-2 business days, rush orders are available when possible.  We work to provide you with the most secure ordering available online

Returns & Refunds

Please contact us directly with any Return or refund request  We will be happy to assist.

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